1: Improve the technical capacity of CHMTs and H/HCMTS and HCWs in Central Province to provide universal, accessible, high quality and sustainable HIV prevention, care and treatment.

2: Implement and expand high quality, evidence-based HIV prevention, care and treatment services to achieve universal access and reduce new HIV infections as well as HIV related mortality and morbidity.

3: Link continuity care services with evidenced-based and age appropriate HIV prevention, care and social services to establish intra-facility, inter-facility and community networks.

4: Strengthen youth and other at-risk groups focused comprehensive HIV prevention and treatment activities.

5: Build and strengthen the capacity of CHMTs, H/HCMTs and HCWs for data monitoring, analysis,reporting, and program evaluation and continuous quality improvement (CQI) activities.

6: Develop and introduce clinical and laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and ensure their consistent use within facilities in Central Province.

7: Support the CHMTs and H/HCMTs to develop and implement evidenced based annual operations plans, work plans and administrative and financial reporting systems for resource allocation, tracking and reporting.

8: Ensure the routine use and feedback of program evaluation measures and disseminate program findings to the Kenyan and USG stakeholder organizations.